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I just love reviewing the magic of summer during the long dark weeks of winter.  It’s an enjoyable endulgence; to reminisce about weddings held during warm summer days. This wedding is no exception. Lorraine and Jamie held a spectacularly colorful wedding against the lovely turqoise tones of Lake Michigan.  The pinks and purples just popped.  Some of my favorite bridal pics are shown here, as well as my all time favorite ring shot!  Well, see for yourself.  Thankyou Lorraine and Jamie for the priveledge of being your wedding photographer!



A brisk winter day can be the most beautiful backdrop for a family in bright winter gear.  Despite the cold air and frozen trigger fingers, this was one of the most enjoyable family portraits that I have ever done!  This was a HAPPY family!  This family was celebrating!  Maybe it was because it was the holidays, or maybe it was because Gabby was home from West Virginia-she’s looking so mature and beautiful!  Well, whatever the reason, the Lee family is one happy family full of love and happiness!  What a joy to be with them!





On a snowy but sparkly November afternoon, Jalene and Bernie exchanged handwritten vows at the UUUCGT.  Simple, gentle on the earth, tender and heartfelt, their beautiful celebration included lovely music, personal vows and the light of heart and joymaking Rabbi Chava Bahle. The couple asked their guests to place a special rock in a handcarved wooden bowl that represented a special, single, whispered word and of course love from their guest. Bernie’s history as a performance clown made the portraits in the classroom fun and sentimental. Bernie and Jalene had a vegan chef prepare wonderful vegan options and even the glorious cake was a scrumptious  vegan cake.  I’ll need to get the recipe for that one!  It was delicious!

Congratulations Jalene and Bernie!  What a special afternoon… and I wish you many years of love and happiness!



Lisa and Curtis are a wonderful and playful couple.  Their engagement session ( which you can see here ) took place in the beautiful spring; when the snow finally melted and dandelions and delicate pink, cherry blossoms dotted the Mission Penninsula.  Their wedding took place just as the leaves were turning, in the brisk and colorful fall when an all too short summer finally ended.  But, good weather blessed the day and the wedding was a joyous celebration of the 5  lives that became one.  Many special people attended their wedding, including lots of extended family and even an honorary groomsman; Curtis’ grandfather. What a great celebration for Lisa and Curtis and their new blended family!  Thankyou so very much for including me on this special day.  I wish your new family many happy years together!







Piper is a Wheaton Terrier , a precocious friendly pup that truly loves her mom!  Well, she loves treats too.  Mom and treats, treats and mom, treats, treats, mom, mom… Well, mom thought that she would cherish lasting memories of her lovely pup with the fall leaves- so off we went for a photo shoot  to Bower’s Harbor Park on Old Mission Penninsula.  Piper was very well behaved.  She enjoys leaves, but probably loves the green fresh grass even more than the pesky leaves.  Here are some cute pictures of Piper!  What a lovely pup!  Mom loves this sweet, friendly playful pup.  And there is just no doubt that Piper is in love with her mom!!